by Sami Bennett

a poem

I bake
cookies to keep me company
on a frosty winter’s day
or a tranquil summer’s night

We wake
the compassion dosing within us. We put
our life on hold
as we bake
troubles into dreams,
tears into laughter,
strangers into lovers,
fears into hopes and embraces.

We make
room for another batch of
cookies; another table, another day.

And we take
them out, one by one,
when done.
Sometimes we’re too late. It burns.
Sometimes we act too quickly.
We forget to stop and
let time pass.

But sometimes, when we’re very lucky,
we make a miracle—
our very own miracle
—not with fairies and with magic spells, but
with the heart.

At home,
with the heart
and a little butter
and a little sugar

and hope.