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Month: December, 2012

Happy tonight

I want to be happy

I want to be
dancing as I fall asleep.



Dream with me tonight.
I need some company.

Take me to a forgotten place
behind the sunset,
under the trees.
Bring me to where
your ocean meets mine.
Let us swim in our thoughts together,
minding our own business
And play games
in the shallow water.
Remind me that I’m not alone
with your big smile
and your shining eyes
attached to my heart.

And when the sun comes up again,
don’t let me let go of your hand,
so I can wake with the thought
of you right beside me.

Strong Beautiful Wise


from here

Guitar Plays (Beginner)

a poem

The curves of my guitar,
nearly as fine as mine,
fit nicely in my arms.

As I strum my stringed-up drum,
I imagine my lovely lover’s eyes,
made jubilant by my exquisite music,
so I become an angel in the sky.
Into an unseen void I sing,
hoping to make up for time lost.
I hold this lady like a baby
and rock it to melt away the frost.

Don’t you worry, dear. Don’t you cry.
The world is huge and these hearts are small,
but that’s just so we’ve a chance to fly.


I can tickle you, you who are not ticklish.

I love to give you that little tickle
That sets a spark in your vocal cords
That shines in your eyes
When you open your mouth and sing
That universal song
That anyone can recognize

Our very own song, like a bird song
No need to memorize a note,
Or write it down and copyright,
Or know the difference between
High and low
Slow and fast
Staccato and legato
Crescendo or diminuendo

It is our song

And no matter what it’s like
It is ours, and that rings true
Every time
I tickle you.


from here

Warm Surprises

a poem

Tonight is a night of moonshines
and fireflies

Tonight I’ll take your dreams away
and make them into realities

Don’t shiver, little one,
take my hand

I think you will soon find that in the world
there are so many warm surprises

Look into the blankness of your eyelids
and imagine it filling your whole world

A blank slate
A new page
Somewhere to begin