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Month: February, 2013


poem at the beginning of the book Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko

I will tell you something about stories,
[he said]
They are all we have, you see,
all we have to fight off
illness and death.

You don’t have anything
if you don’t have the stories.

Their evil is mighty
but it can’t stand up to our stories.
So they try to destroy the stories
let the stories be confused or forgotten.
They would like that
They would be happy
Because we would be defenseless then.

He rubbed his belly.
I keep them here
[he said]
Here, put your hand on it
See, it is moving.
There is life here
for the people.

And in the belly of this story
the rituals and the ceremony
are still growing.


All In My Hat

a poem

The beauty of the world is inside my hat.
I tip my hat to those
I love
in hopes they’ll see the beauty.
The world of beauty shines so bright
sometimes people ask me
if it was I that trapped the sun.
I tell them,
Don’t be so silly.
Shining light in the sky
is too hot for man to hold.
All we have is beauty.

Pile of Foxes


Unfortunately, I do not know where this photo is from or who made it (it was not me), but it makes me smile.

vfiles17336 the glow that the sun gets

Picture from here. Quote from Andy Grammer’s song “Keep Your Head Up.”