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Month: July, 2013

Time for a dragon picture or two

1st image from here. 2nd image from here.


paper crane memories

a poem (I apologize in advance; it is a love poem)

My loved one
sitting across from me
I gaze upon
as I string up memories, one by one
lined up like paper cranes
He carries me,
and I carry him
We tease each other’s dreams
and in silence timidly
we share a mutual confession
without remorse
and we let each other go
to continue our adventures
Always my adventures seem to lead me
to the path to his door

The moment I see him I forget about my life
the things I meant to tell him about my day
My heart is made of butterflies
the smile on my lips
and in my eyes
shines like fireflies
without the light
ever going out
And true,
open hearts can lead to losses
I am aware
and now that I have felt
his spirit permeate my body
spreading from the center of my heart to my extremities
and felt there’s no better place to be than between
my big home and my little lover
I laugh out of disbelief
to imagine the world as I used to
without the preciousness I see
in this little man

nothing can tear him away
except that watch

fortunately for me
watches repeat
and he comes back
and he comes back

Nothing lasts forever,
not even watches,
but no one can change my past
or hide away the bond begun between our souls
Not even me
I think, sometime after I am too old for this world,
I will find myself dancing to the sound of his voice
smooth like water
dancing to the path to his door

(gorgeous) image from here

Things that glow

stars sparkle in the seaLong exposures of lighting bugs in Japan... beautiful8586010115_43d54ac647_o

1st image from here; 2nd image from here; 3rd image from here.