Oh, To Be A Woman

by Sami Bennett

a poem

Oh the frustration
that comes with menstruation
for which duration
much to my consternation
I will feel the translation of obnoxious vocations
of the perturbation of my southern relation
Perhaps it’s a taxation on my lack of flirtation
though how I have begged with dedication
for a brief probation
It’s possible it’s a celebration
of my deprivation of semen fertilization
Any alteration from this state is a temptation
but my only consolation is that impregnation
would cause me much more aggravation

Being on medication is only somewhat of an elevation
the only thing that really helps is masturbation
I need some kind of stimulation—preferably a vibration
to ease this irritation
but I lack all motivation to get up from this location
I want only relaxation and to focus on respiration
as I continue my toleration of this infestation
It’s a violation
I can’t wait for ovulation

It’s hard to tell if the correlation
between my period and my devastation
is indeed a causation
I’ve tried asking a blood relation
but they can only give me an estimation

Sexism is not a female’s only limitation
but try giving an explanation
to one of the other inclination
about this usurpation of our sacred location
There would probably be some exclamations
and some quick cancellations
of the paychecks for those who made the proclamation
(though they were only out of desperation)