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Month: September, 2014

“We are all in the gutter…


Take Heed

a poem

My poetry is a diary
It sounds quaint and fantastic
but really
they are simply notes to myself
to remember, to honor
and eventually
to let go
and forget

but please
don’t think of my poems
as dropping hints
some of the hints are false and some
allude only to dreams

it is my labyrinth to which there is no map
and never can be
for it grew beyond control
of its maker

take heed and enjoy
the simple pleasures
of sound and melody

Don’t scrape the surface for meaning
for poems are incredibly fragile—
more so than music CDs,
easily scratched
and impossible to mend

like fungus,
you might destroy them
before discovering what they are

so listen slowly
and take the meaning you find for granted