Sirens Conference for Women of Fantasy Literature


I just got back from the best writing conference I have ever been to, Sirens. I highly recommend it for all readers and writers of fantasy and sci-fi. There were so many meaningful, fantastic conversations around women and nonbinary characters and writers. I learned so much about the biases we hold as writers about gender roles, relationships between women, how women and nonbinary people fit into fantasy worlds, and so much more.

Description from their website:

Sirens is a conference dedicated to the diverse, remarkable women of fantasy literature: readers and authors, certainly, but just as importantly, scholars, librarians, educators, publishing professionals, and even characters. Sirens is a place where a woman can, without shame or irony, declare herself a queen, a dragonmaster, a general. A place where women aren’t constrained by what our real-world society demands. A light in a world that frequently expects too much and offers too little.

I encourage everyone who loves fantasy stories to check them out. Their website is

Personal update: I am still working hard on my novel Her Sister’s Dragon, which is looking so much better. Unfortunately as a result my blog posts will continue to be somewhat sparse. Thank you for your patience and your continued interest. Hope you are having a happy fall!