Sami Bennett is an emerging fantasy writer who also dabbles in writing posts for her opinion blog. You can check out her opinion blog here: SamiInANutshell.wordpress.com. Currently living in the Midwest United States, she is working on a young adult fantasy novel about a cursed girl named Malaka trying to rescue her sister from a dragon with the help of her best friend Anaïs, a deaf foreign girl on the run. You can find out more about her novel here: HerSistersDragon.wordpress.com. She has recently graduated college where she studied history, English, and computer science. She has a wide variety of interests. Her favorite things are writing, books, her pet rats and cat, and going for walks in the summertime.

This blog is a writing blog both for Sami to share her own writing, and writings or other creative endeavors of others that she finds inspiring.